Flat Fee Listing Service of Greater Atlanta
Listing Period
List on FMLS and GAMLS
Contract Negotiations Assistance
Suggest Listing Price
Photography of Property
Sellect Realty Yard Sign
Commission to Sellect Realty at Closing
Until Sold
Seller provides
Fee Applies
.0012 of Sales Price
Until Leased
Owner provides

Client Testimonials

  • The Simons

    Thanks to Sellect Realty, we were able to sell our house quickly and affordably, saving ~$10,000 in realtor fees! The pictures and information were up throughout the web soon after we submitted our paperwork. Prompt professional service, we highly recommend!

  • Jade & Guillermo Hernandez

    "Thank you Sellect Realty for your great services! This is our second listing with you and we can't be more thrilled at not only your very extremely reasonable rates but the fact that you REALLY care for your clients! Thanks for all of your help. We only wish we could bring your services to FL with us! Thanks a million!"

  • David Wong

    "This is my 4th time using Sellect Realty's flat fee listing services. I must say that Sellect Realty is the BEST. In addition to helping saved a ton of commission fees, Suzanne Higgins and the team of Sellect Realty are very supportive, responsive and professional. I've received MUCH more than what I've paid for . . . TRULY APPRECIATED & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"